Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rest in Peace, Poor Thing

Have you ever felt that horrible sense of dread, like all hope is lost? The one feeling that comes right as you find out some kind of tragic news? Yes, I'm sure most of you (being human beings and all) know what I mean. Today, I discovered the tragic fate of my cell phone. It has been unmercifully drowned in our washer.

Now, I know that cell phones aren't that important (actually, I'm lying- my cell phone was one of my most valued possessions- right after my A. A. Milne books and all those amazing works of literature). But honestly, I feel as if I have lost part of myself. If you think about it logically, you talk to your cell phone more than anyone else (disregarding the fact that you are actually talking to someone when you talk to your phone). (I'm using a lot of parentheses in this post. Just thought I'd let you know.) For the Harry Potter fans that are reading this- I feel like Harry did when his wand broke. For those of you who haven't read Harry Potter (I most enthusiastically recommend these books), I feel that I have let my phone down in the worst way possible- a horrible death in the deep labyrinth of the feared washing machine that robs all electronics of their lives. I feel like such a murder, because my phone was left in my chapel skirt pocket, which was then washed by my mother today. (not that I'm blaming her, but if she hadn't washed my skirt...)

Thankfully, we had my father's old phone, which happened to be the exact model my poor deceased one was, so I simply switched the SIM card into the semi-new red phone. All's well that ends well, right? Um, not quite. Unfortunately, half of my contacts were stored onto the victim of this tragic death, thus meaning I have lost half of the numbers in my address book, along with all my pictures. So, I do still have a phone, but it will never amount to my old one. RIP, my dearest blue cell phone, because none shall ever be as great as you were- not even the exact same model (because he's red, and I like blue better).

Total Number of Parentheses: 14

***Edit: I must add that after I published this post, the little add that appears on my screen on the Blogger home page - it was about cell phones.


  1. :( sad!

    and I <3 parentheses.

    however... you wash your chapel skirt?!
    I didn't think anybody did that... I certainly haven't, although after yesterday when I dropped my bagel on it (cream cheese-side down, of course), I might have to rethink.

  2. Sorry about your phone. You might try checking your pockets before it goes in the wash. Around our house I do NOT check pockets. Everyone is reponsible for emptying their own pockets. Papa has had a lot of things go through the washer and dryer. They don't always work when they come out but they are very clean. Lucky your dad had a spare phone for you.

  3. THANK YOU KATIE!!! I tell her ALL. THE. TIME. that it really technically doesn't need to be washed but every so often - or dry cleaned, or whatever. Ironing pleats is seriously not fun.....

    sorry bout your phone Quirky. :(