Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just For Fun

I absolutely love the feeling I get when I sit down at my laptop and think 'hmm, what can I write about today?' A blank Word Document (or piece of paper, but writing things out hurts my hand) holds so much potential, so many possibilities. I could write about how beautiful the stars look tonight, or how the moon randomly disappeared... or how excited I am for Thanksgiving break (because I'm going to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! eep!!!!- but there will be more on that later...). The possibilities are endless.

Many authors think 'what do my readers want to hear?'. Me? I think 'what do I want to hear?' I write mostly for my enjoyment, but most people enjoy my writing as well :). Some people may call me odd, but I don't mind. I am myself, and no one else. I'm me. Besides, I'm not that odd...

**you are about to read a very random rabbit trail taken straight from the depths of Lila's mind... be warned**

What did I learn today? (besides how to graph a rational expression or what stasis theory is or what ethos, logos, or pathos are, that is...) I learned that mothers tend to think that a Deathly Hallows symbol drawn on your hand means you're in some kind of gang. I learned that certain Seniors cannot stand when pizza interferes with their schedule. I learned that old people who have their little 'Daytimers' meeting in our cafeteria smell like overpowering floral perfume- and mustiness. I learned that certain peoples eyes sparkle at specific times. I learned that if you open a bottle of nail polish in a stuffy classroom, it makes the whole room smell weird. I learned that another certain Senior's mind is a 'deep, dark place' and that when they think of 'to protect', they also think of 'to eat'. And that at certain times in the day- meaning last period- said Senior will laugh uncontrollably for no specific reason. I learned that because of Daylight Savings (which I currently love- but ask me that in the spring and I will hate it) the sun conveniently shines right in my eyes in the tiny classroom. I learned that tappy shoes are very, very loud when one is walking down the halls alone- and this is why you can normally find me walking barefoot.

Yes, these are the important things I learn during my day, at least, they are the things that I remember at 11:20 at night.

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  1. I like the things you learned today - all of them - including the fact that your momma keeps tabs on your gang activity!! :) You know how those Parry Hotter kids can be...