Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Like the Wind

I wrote before about the loss of your imagination, but the loss of your inspiration, well, that is just tragic. Your imagination slowly dies off as you grow older; its a common occurrence. But your inspiration, it can just turn on and off like a light bulb. One minute you have the perfect idea for a story or poem, and the next minute it's gone. For me, inspiration is the thing that keeps me going- the ability to write and express myself is how I deal with things.

The loss of an author's inspiration is commonly masked as 'writers block'. This phrase is tossed around as an excuse for the loss of inspiration. No professional author wants to admit that their inspiration has left them- it could be detrimental to their career.

The great thing about inspiration is, unlike imagination, with a little searching you can normally find it again. It may not be as strong of as influential as it was before, but it is there, waiting to be used. Be careful- inspiration is temperamental and usually has an expiration date. Make sure you never ignore it, because soon you will find yourself with that annoying little disease they call writers block.

Inspiration is like the wind; it comes and goes as it pleases. You can never see it, but you can always feel its soft fingers touching your mind. And with the right tools, you can bend and twist it to make it into a work of true beauty.


  1. I far as imagination though- I am fighting hard to keep mine! Last night I was a fire fighter, ballerina, and an elf for Santa Claus. I refuse to grow up :)