Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Battle is Not Ours

Now, I know that I have said that I will never write poetry, because I cannot rhyme. At all. I'll tell you a secret- I wrote the poem 'Liberty' with the help of a rhyming dictionary. But I wanted to try something different last night. After I got back from youth group, I wrote this:

We are all soldiers,
willing to fight for a cause.
Together we make an army.
We all have our position and
no one is left behind.
Each individual is a playing piece
in the greater puzzle of life.
We can stand alone,
but together the picture becomes clear.
We are soldiers.
We thirst for the battle,
eager to fight for our cause.
We want to defend our cause.
We need to protect our cause,
but we are the cause.
We are the reason this battle is being fought.
We try to help, but are helpless.
We are forced to sit and watch;
to sit and ache inside.
We are burning inside.
We watch this battle being fought for us,
and we see him die.
We see him die a heroic death,
die for the cause.
But we are alive.
We grieve for the lost,
we feel the sorrow but pity ourselves.
We cannot see the greater picture.
That heroic death is why we live,
and the way he lives on.
He fights the battle for us,
sacrifices for us.
We want to help, but are helpless.
Each of us wants to deliver the final blow,
but we cannot.
This battle does not belong to us.
We watch, helpless, from the sideline
wshing we were fighting, too.
The final blow.
The enemy falls.
We have won,
and the soldiers live on.

Yes, its poetry- I take back what I said. But it doesn't rhyme, so in my book its not fully poetry. Its free verse. And that's not so bad.


  1. Wow, this is beautiful. Amazing thoughts and stunning imagery. In my book, this is poetry :) I love how it flows very nicely without a cadence or rhyme scheme. I rarely like free verse, but this is great. :) I think it’s amazing how mankind’s deepest thoughts become beautiful pieces of art. It’s just another example of our Creator and how great He is.

  2. This is awesome Kirky. I think it's works perfectly, rhyme or no rhyme. I la lu!

  3. For someone that does not write poems that often- I think that this is just beautiful.

  4. Great work Kirsten. You are very deep.