Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Little About Me

Welcome to my blog, Secrets of the Rain. For now I’ll go by the name Lila. I am an author-in-training; writing is my passion. It is how I express myself- but I do not write poetry (if I can help it). If you choose to follow my blog, which I would greatly appreciate, I’ll tell you about some of the things you might come across.

Mainly I’ll be posting written works, be it a paragraph or an entire essay. If you’re lucky, I might even post excerpts from a book I am currently writing- but only if I find a way to copyright it because I don’t want it stolen. So, mainly essays on my perspective of things. You can expect them to range in a wide scale from serious to laugh out loud, so be prepared. Maybe, if I’m in a good mood, you’ll see some pictures up here. Something else you should expect is quotes. I love to quote people, preferably Dr Seuss, whom I think is a genius. So if I come across a good quote, it will appear on here as well as become my Facebook status. I’ll probably end up putting the essays I write for school on my blog as well, so if you come across an essay written about something that seems so complicated it’s scary, just skip it. That’s only me posting my school assignments on my blog because I’m just a nerdy grade-obsessed high-school student.

That reminds me, you’re probably wondering who the heck this girl is, and why she’s droning on about things she hasn’t even written yet. Well, as I said before, I’m going by the name Lila (no, it is not my real name but I wish it was). I attend a small private school that has a fabulous academic program. I want to go to college to be a large animal vet. I hate vegetables. Smokey, who is my -not-exactly-mine horse, is practically my life- after God and family and school, of course. I am too tall. I write every single day, mainly stories but some essays. My favorite book is Pride and Prejudice. My favorite poem is The Raven. I am actually writing a poem for the first time in my life so maybe, just maybe, I might post it here.

Well, now let me explain why I named my blog ‘Secrets of the Rain’. Originally, I wanted to name it When the Rain Falls, but that web address was taken. So I randomly started typing in names that popped into my head, but they were all ‘unavailable’. Now, this was all occurring as a thunderstorm was rolling in. I knew I wanted my blog’s title to have something to do with the rain, because rain tends to fascinate me. As the storm came rolling in, with flashes of lightning and cracks of thunder, the name struck me like, well, lightning. Secrets of the Rain. It captured what fascinated me about the rain- the secrets it held. Do you remember, back in science class, talking about the water cycle, and how each drop of water just runs in a continual circle? Try to put yourself in the raindrop’s perspective. It’s captivating, isn’t it? If you can’t imagine it because you’ve, as my mother puts it, “lost your imagination”, allow me to help.

Hovering, floating, in the damp mist of the clouds; millions of tiny drops of water, all waiting for the right moment to plummet to the ground in a torrential downpour. They spin and twirl in the dance of the sky. From a distance, they look like one solid mass of puffy cloud, but the raindrops know that they are all separate, they are each their own special drop. The time comes. One by one they start to fall, until more decide they want to join in on the fun. Thunder crashes, lightning flashes. The raindrops begin their screaming decent to the earth below.

Is that enough, have you rekindled that old and dusty imagination of yours, or shall I go on? Yes?

With a splat, they splash against the earth- some on leaves, or pavement, or car windshields where they linger for a moment before being swept off in a ride almost as exhilarating as the plummet towards the ground. The drops gather into puddles, and puddles run into streams. Eventually, some of the raindrops are reunited, rushing down a swift and curving river. They crash against the rocks and fling themselves over waterfalls. The river leads to the salty ocean, where they patiently wait their turn to return to the sky, only to run the cycle again.

So by now you should have a pretty good idea on what I mean about the rain. That was from a funnier perspective, but it could’ve also come from a serious side as well. Besides the epic story behind each drop, there is also the emotion of rain itself. So many things happen when it rains. In many movies, the romantic kissing scene occurs while it raining. Rain can symbolize sorrow, yet it can also represent freedom. So you see, there are so many secrets that we can unfold from a simple thing such as rain.


  1. You are such a gift Punkin. You are a gift to us and with your writings you bring a gift to the world! Can't wait to follow your blog!

  2. oh and PS) you are not too tall, you are absolutely, perfectly, gorgeously, stunningly and strikingly most-definitely-not-height-challenged. perfect.

  3. Lila, I am looking forward to following your blog. Lila fits you pretty well too. You ARE a gift. You are so smart it is almost scary. You have such a deep perspective on life for a girl your age. You definitely are a gifted writer. And you are not too tall, you are graceful, and beautiful. Just wait until you get much older. Tall is good. Lots more room to hold food without getting fat. Just look around at older short people. Most of them have a problem with "weight". I love yor blog background too. It is really pretty. Now, hopefully you will keep writing on your blog so that we can actually follow it. Love you Lila.

  4. Oh, I especially like your title too. I love the way you described rain. Sure wish I could see some rain and watch those drops plummeting to the ground.

  5. I am really looking forward to having this be part of my morning Blog readings!

  6. What a wonderful blog idea! And I love your background too :).

  7. As one of your former teachers and a writer myself, I am tickled pink that you are blogging! I look forward to reading!

  8. you are off to a great start! i'll be watching and reading. good luck :)