Monday, September 27, 2010


Why are humans ticklish? Is it for mere enjoyment, for the thrill of the laugh? Or does it serve some higher purpose? That light brush on our skin can trigger so many reactions- a squirm, or a laugh, or a jump. It is a form of communication where words can be forgotten. Was the tickling sensation created just for God's enjoyment, so he can watch us laugh? Watching a young child laugh is contagious- it effects all who see it. You cannot help the urge to laugh along. It spreads the feeling of joy to everyone. Laughter is a gift sent by God, to encourage us and lighten our spirits when were feeling down. We should learn to thank Him for the small, trivial everyday aspects of life, such as a young child laughing from amusement of the sensation of being tickled.


  1. I enjoyed many years of your laughter as you loved being tickeled. I miss those times, but we made a lot of fun memories. Love you Kir.